Why is Glory Days Preschool a good fit for your child, family and friends?


Christ Centered, Mission Minded Preschool where everyone is welcome
  • We plant the seed of God’s love in each child’s heart though Chapel and class time.
  • We do two missions projects during the school year, around Thanksgiving (Issaquah Food Bank) and Christmas (Campbell Farm). The goal is to foster kindness and generosity.
  • We welcome all. We want to be a global preschool that supports diversity. We are fortunate to have families from different parts of the world.
  • Play-based: We are a play-based preschool where children learn through play. Research has shown that play is developmentally appropriate way for young children to learn and grow. Their brains are most receptive to learning at this age.
  • STEM & STEAM: We have incorporated STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) STEAM(art) in our curriculum. This school year we had a workshop conducted by University of Washington I- LABS (Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences) on STEM and STEAM.
  • Professional Development: In planning the curriculum, teachers consider important childhood milestones. Each school year the teachers attend at least 10 hours of professional development classes. The goal is to make sure that students are ready for their next educational venture.
  • Math: The kids are working on counting, one-on one correspondence, graphing, measuring, patterning, sorting and comparing.
  • Pre-K Reading and Writing: We use Handwriting Without Tears and Zoo Phonics. Kids also work on pencil grip and letter formation. This starts in the younger classes also.
  • Kindergarten Readiness: We have formed a strong partnership with Issaquah School District (ISD) Early Learning Department to get our students ready for kindergarten. Our teachers have attended various kindergarten readiness workshops this school year to promote elementary school readiness.
Lunch bunch

This an opportunity for students to add an extra hour to their day to eat lunch with their friends/teachers.

Field Trips

We do two field trips, one in the fall to Oxbow Farm to learn about different vegetables and fruits and then one in the spring to Fox Hollow Farm to play with baby animals. New this year, we are planning to do a third trip field in spring for the Pre-K classes, an Outdoor Education Hike to a local park.

Happy Place

Glory Days Preschool is a happy place where teachers care for and love their students dearly. We have been told numerous times by visitors that the kids seem to be so happy!


We have a weekly yoga class for the children. It is amazing to see the kids learn how to relax/manage stress at a young age through breathing exercises.


This February we will have a fire truck with firefighters and Sammamish Pediatric Dentistry will come visit our preschool. Children really enjoy these visits!